The research team is tasked with organizing and disseminating research related to the impact of the course work and think tank.

On Tuesday, November 14, 2023, the Muhlenberg Inside-Out research team attended and presented at the Twenty-Fifth+ Anniversary Conference and Celebration, held by the international headquarters of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program at Temple University. Themed “A Global Mosaic: Celebrating 25+ Years of Transformation from the Inside-Out,” our day at the conference was filled with presentations from Inside-Out leaders and alumni from all over the world, building community, sharing experiences from the program, and collaborating for the betterment of everyone’s respective programs. 

To finish off our day, we presented our panel: “Valuing Community: Relational Development to Support the Formation of a Credit-Bearing Inside-Out Program.” In this presentation, we engaged in a dialogue about the unique location and demographics of both Muhlenberg College and Lehigh County Department of Corrections. We highlighted the network of people, community organizations, college leadership, and other individuals that are the core of our program. We showed how we used this network as evidence of our success when applying for  grants. It was incredible to talk to so many individuals interested in learning more about the grant writing process and how grants have been critical to the growth of Muhlenberg’s program. 

Overall, we left the conference excited about what’s to come for Muhlenberg’s Inside-Out program, including the introduction of the opportunity for inside students to receive college credit for their completion of the course and expansion of course offerings to include classes taught by different professors on new topics. We deeply value community and were excited by this opportunity to both widen our connections and come back to Allentown with new ideas of how to make our own community even stronger.